About Us

Know more about us so that you can understand our journey and the dedication that we put in for every client

Desi Global Trails, founded in February
2021, with the aim to provide an experience
of nature’s tranquility. As the name
suggests, we try to showcase the local &
global experience of wildlife, nature, &
adventure in a
“desi” way of photography.

We are a team of enthusiast photographers,
trying to portray the wonderful experience
of adventure, nature, and life changing
places. We try our best to provide our best
work to you, so that you can feel the actual
experience through our photographs.
~ Your Happiness is Our Passion

Manmeet Singh




Hi there, I’m Manmeet.

An award-winning photographer from Mumbai. I have always had the fascination for birds and animals in the wild and visiting the forests or the parks always amused me. However, it was only until few years back when I had my first interaction with one of the big cats in the jungles of India and at that very moment, I knew that this was my destination. 

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to showcase the biodiversity of these jungles through my lens and have also worked towards introducing people to the wild, helping them learn and understand these forests that cover 19.5% of the total geographical area of the country.

Today, I not only work towards exploring more species, but am also actively involved in learning more about the environment, vast flora, fauna and its conservation.